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Our services include custom aviation photography and video. We can produce, edit and stream your aviation video from our servers or social networking sites. Custom web site design services.
History being recorded... The video opposite was produced for 5DME.NET an Adelaide based aviation enthusiasts community web site. The video was produced to record the last Fokker F27 Friendship still flying in Australia. The F27 Laser Airborne Depth Sounder. Over 20 hours of video was recorded and several cuts were made, including a night sortie. Commercial Aviation Media can provide photography and video services for advertising and promotional projects, training media or technical imagery. Private We also provide services for private operators wishing to record their own aircaft with professional photography or video.
Our video camera operators are highly experienced in aviation video. They are aware of the security issues around our airports and we are conscious of what should or should not be photographed. Operators are well versed in airside safety. Avaition Media can produce video for web braodcast or multimedia. We can produce DVDs and web browser based CDs for sale or hand-out. Our equipment range is extensive including the ability to film air-to-air or use camera crane shots. We also have interviewers available that are experience in aviation terminology for the production of smooth running video interviews.
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